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Young Women's Group 2011/2012

The meetings are held in the Church Vestry at 8pm unless otherwise intimated.

Wed 2/11/10 Knitting Night
Hostesses: Margo Lambie and Val Stevenson
Vote of thanks: Marti Drummond
Wed 23/11/10 OPEN NIGHT
Jaggy Thistles
Vote of thanks: Fiona MacLean
Wed 7/12/10 Christmas Night  Out  
Thurs 8/12/10 Christmas Decorations  
Wed 25/01/11 Discussion Night on Theme Hostesses: Fiona Stevenson & Sheila Shankland
Wed 8/02/11 Mary's Meals Hostesses: Marti Drummond
& Fiona McLean
Vote of Thanks: Sheila Shankland
Fri 24/02/11 Safari Night :
To be arranged
Wed 29/02/11 Hospice Visit Vote of Thanks: Anne McCulloch
Wed 21/03/11 A G M
Hostesses: Barbara Ogston & Susan Nutt
Vote of Thanks:Barbara Ogston
Wed 25/04/11 Meeting to discuss next year’s Syllabus.  


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